Intel's SENS platform pictures a world of Moorsetown-powered and sensor equipped phones

Joanna Stern
J. Stern|04.07.10

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Intel's SENS platform pictures a world of Moorsetown-powered and sensor equipped phones
We wish we could tell you those were working Intel Moorestown or Atom powered phones, but alas, they are just mockups that were created to illustrate what Chipzilla is hoping to do with its tiny silicon parts and SENS concept platform (not to be confused with HTC's Sense or Samsung's old Sens laptops). Now, we have to warn you to understand this whole SENS thing, you've got to be able to dream big -- the idea is centered around the "phones of tomorrow" being able to understand what we are physically doing through sensors, including accelerometers, audio, location, and so on. In other words, these phones not only know that you are talking on the phone to Mom, but they also can tell you're in a meeting by reading your calendar and cross referencing that information with your geographic location.

Still with us? Then once the phone knows exactly what you're doing it can alert your contacts not through text, but with animated avatars. Yes, we just said "avatars." So, the idea is that your friend could then see you as a digital rendering in that meeting, picking your nose or whatever it is you do in the conference room. We told you it was out there -- but it's certainly interesting considering these phones will need to have Intel inside to communicate in this way. We'll be waiting on the more realistic Moorestown-powered LG GW990 to arrive, but really, SENS is way better illustrated in video so you'll want to hit the break to see just how Intel is picturing this whole future thing. %Gallery-89955%

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