SnapStream's monster DVR records 50 channels at once, even when nothin's on

Get ready for an acute case of DVR inadequacy courtesy of SnapStream, which has pieced together what it's calling the world's largest DVR, and we're inclined to believe them. Run a coax in the back and, with a fully configured unit, you can record a whopping 50 channels simultaneously onto over 100TB of storage. The trick is it's actually five separate rack-mounted SnapStream DVRs that all join together to share storage, work across tuners, and to fight the evil King Zarkon from the planet Doom -- or at least to record all the Voltron reruns ever aired, ever. No word on the cost of a fully-configured rack, but given the size of that thing (check out the door in the background for comparison) we're thinking it might not fit in our entertainment center anyway.