HTC Droid Incredible shows up on official Verizon preview page -- coming April 29th (updated)

Official announcements be damned -- Verizon's just thrown up a "coming soon" preview page for the HTC Incredible. While we didn't necessarily need any more evidence this guy was real -- we've read its user's manual, we've spied shots of it in Verizon's system, and we've seen it in the wild enough times to sketch it quickly from memory with our eyes closed -- it's still exciting news to know that the inevitable unleashing of this beast is nearly upon us.

Update: They've changed up this page already (as you can see from our updated image) -- giving us the date of April 29th. And yes, they're calling it the Droid Incredible.

Update 2: You'll want to hit the read more and check out some photographic evidence of the Incredible making its way to T-Mobile via Costco stores -- it appears to be showing up in inventories now -- we'll keep you posted.

Update 3: And now the website is password protected. That's okay: we know what it said.

[Thanks, Ryan and James]