Google acquires server hardware startup Agnilux, a bevy of former Apple / PA Semi employees in tow?

Ross Miller
R. Miller|04.21.10

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It's no secret that Google's been on something of a shopping spree as of late, buying startups left for right like it was trying to win the final round of Supermarket Sweep. This latest one's a bit more interesting, though. Agnilux was borne of former PA Semi / Apple engineers, and its director of application software, Scott Redman, used to be a software architect at TiVo -- basically, it's got some talent behind it, and although no projects have ever been announced, the New York Times suggested back in February that "some kind of server" was being made, and there was a partnership with Cisco that we'd assume has now gone the wayside. At any rate, the company -- and probably more important, the employees -- now seem to be the property of Google, who could probably use a few good server men and women in pretty much all aspects of the company.
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