TT Games production chief: Kids are the best video game testers

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|04.26.10

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Justin McElroy
April 26th, 2010
TT Games production chief: Kids are the best video game testers
[Image: Kidperez]
Forget Will "Cyrus" Powers. If you really want to know if your game has what it takes, you need to turn to an eight-year-old, according to TT Games production chief Jonathan Smith. "They are the most efficient quality filter," he said in the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine. "They get to it quicker than anybody else, because they'll just say if something doesn't work. The smallest things could ruin something, and they'll get bored and move on."

... OK, so here's the pitch: "The Tester 2.0: Lil' Wage Slaves." It'll be just like the first one, only it's all eight-year-olds. There will be none of the awkward sexual advances by the more backwards contestants but (and we're adamant about this) twice the drinking.

*ring ring* "Hello? What's that, Mark Burnett, producer of reality show hits like Survivor and The Apprentice? You say you're retiring because you've heard there's a new kid in town whose big ideas are taking Hollywood by storm? Well, that's very flattering, thank you. Have your desk empty by the end of business."

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