Pixel Qi manufacturing delays fixed, ready for 'some of the largest computer companies in the world'

We've long had a thing for Pixel Qi and its energy sipping dual-mode LCDs with switchable backlight; displays that carve out a niche between traditional LCDs hungry for power and long living e-paper displays. Unfortunately, even though Pixel Qi began to ramp production lines late last year, we still haven't seen the displays shipping in any retail products. Turns out that while the screens have been made available in some "specialized products that aren't sold in stores yet," Pixel Qi's manufacturer of choice ran into some snags that slowed down deployments. That seems set to change according to a new blog post by CEO Mary Lou Jepsen. Manufacturing has now ramped to the schedule and scale required to meet "strong pull from the some of the largest computer companies in the world." Mary Lou also tells us that Pixel Qi's DIY display kit partner will be announced shortly and that it has "wider viewing angle technology" coming in the fall that should help rectify one of Pixel Qi's weaknesses. So yeah, good news all around, but we've heard these promises before and still don't have product in hand.