iPad hacksugar: iPad 3G hacked to send native SMS

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Here's a cool little find for a quiet Sunday. MuscleNerd of the iPhone dev team has managed to allow his jailbroken 3G iPad to send command-line SMS text messages. This hack only works with SIM cards that have already paid for an SMS plan, in this case a T-Mobile SIM that was downsized to microSIM dimensions. (More about using T-Mobile SIMs here.) The 3G iPad was jailbroken using Spirit.

The hack works by communicating directly with the iPad baseband, using standard AT commands. As of yet, Apple's MobileSMS application, the SMS application that normally appears on iPhone home screens, has not worked on the iPad.

Will standard phone call service be next? Using minutes from a downsized SIM? Wait and see.

[via RedmondPie] Thanks, Steven Kappler.
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