Xbox Live Marketplace in May: Rocket Knight, Dragon Age DLC and more

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Xbox Live Marketplace in May: Rocket Knight, Dragon Age DLC and more
You know that dusty piggy bank you've had sitting on the shelf forever? Look, forget the kid's college fund -- she's not going to college for, like, years -- and bust that thing open! There's going to be some solid content on Xbox Live Marketplace this month.

In the mood for XBLA games? How does Rocket Knight or Zeno Clash tickle your fancy? Oh, so you want some DLC -- Dragon Age: Origins will have more to offer the tireless adventurer later this month. Want to learn the Secret of Monkey Island? During the week of May 17, the secret will be half-off. See what we mean?

Head past the break for more XBLM release highlights for the month provided by Microsoft.
Deals of the Week
  • May 17: The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition - 400 ($5); and Avatar items: LeChuck Pirate Hat - 40 ($.50); and Avatar Cotton Swab - 80 ($1) and
Games on Demand
  • May 4: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway and Prince of Persia
  • May 11: Tom Clancy's EndWar
  • May 18: Command & Conquer 3 [Asia only]
  • May 25: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat [Europe, Australia and New Zealand only]
Xbox Live Arcade
  • May 5: Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition -1200 ($15); and RayStorm HD - 1200 ($15)
  • May 12: Rocket Knight - 1200 ($15)
  • June 2: Snoopy: Flying Ace - 800 ($10)
Xbox Avatar Marketplace
  • May 6: Final Fantasy XIII and Game Room items
  • May 13: Army of Two and A Kingdom for Keflings items
  • May 4: No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom" album for Rock Band - 1600 ($20)
  • May 7: Lips' Miley Cyrus Song Pack - 440 ($5.50)
  • May 11: Forza Motorsport 3: "Exotic Car Pack" - 400 ($5)
  • May 13: Super Street Fighter IV "Super Shoryuken Pack" - 320 ($4)
  • May 18: Dragon Age: Origins "Darkspawn Chronicles" - 400 ($5)
  • Spring 2010: Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers "Expansion Pack 2" - 400 ($5)
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