How to create your own Micro SIM card using a chef knife and some scissors

We told you you could shave down your old and busted SIM cards and turn them into minty fresh Micro SIMs, didn't we? An industrious Londoner by the name of John Benson has gone and proven that concept with the help of some cutting implements and an original Micro SIM to use as a reference. His saintly patience resulted in his being able to negotiate the Vodafone SIM you see above into his iPad 3G (imported from the USA) and riding the waves of Voda's network as if Apple never decided to encumber its portable device with a silly new standard. The 3FF (Micro) SIMs and the bulkier original ones are electrically identical, so there's no threat of harm by using them interchangeably, though we can't say the same thing about the tools that get you there. As always, we advise trying to rope someone else into doing the work for you -- less chance of hurting yourself that way. Hit the source for more.

[Thanks, Brandon]