QuickerTek iPad charge monitor tests your USB port's output potential

Oh, Apple. Just a few short months ago, a USB port was (largely) a USB port, charging pretty much any gizmo we could find without so much as a fuss. Now, loads of USB ports are throwing temper tantrums when faced with the energy-hungry iPad, with most simply refusing to charge the thing. Apple contends that a 10W USB port is needed to effectively rejuvenate its first tablet, though some sockets will do the trick so long as you have the display switched off. If you're looking to quickly evaluate the strength of every USB port in your home or office, QuickerTek's aptly-titled iPad Charge Monitor ain't a half bad option. You simply plug this LED-infused dongle into a suspicious port, then connect the product you wish to charge to the other end; the device then glows to tell you how much power is flowing out, though there's nothing included to deal with all-but-guaranteed bouts of frustration from seeing too few LEDs light up. It's up for order right now at $29.95, and while you're over there, you can pick up an iPad solar panel and an iPad external battery pack for $250 each. What a bargain.

[Thanks, Lan]