HyperMac external battery packs refreshed with iPad charging support

We're pretty big fans of the HyperMac external batteries here at Engadget, as they've saved us on numerous occasions from becoming mindlessly bored on coast-to-coast flights by keeping our laptops humming for a few more hours. Unfortunately, the integrated USB port -- while handy -- isn't up for handling Apple's new iPad, which requires a 10 watt USB adapter to even charge. We tested our lab iPad on our existing 222Wh HyperMac, and sure enough, the screen you're peering at above is what we saw (read: "Not Charging") -- though it does seem to power the device as to not drain what's left of the battery while connected. In order to remedy said quandary, the folks at Sanho have announced a new line of HyperMac batteries that support iPad charging, but unfortunately for you existing users, every available upgrade path involves shelling out more cash for a new pack. The revamped devices will be available in four different capacities: 60Wh ($169), 100Wh ($269), 150Wh ($369) and 222Wh ($469), able to extend the iPad 25Wh rated internal battery by 2 to 9 times, giving a total run-time of between 34 to 99 hours. Sanho claims these will be rechargeable up to 1,000 times and will include a one-year warranty, so if you're interested, you can place your pre-order now and await a shipment notification in around a fortnight.

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HyperMac Batteries Updated To Support iPad Charging, Creating The World's First iPad External Battery

Starting At $169, HyperMac External Battery Will Extend iPad Battery Life By 2 To 9 Times

05.10.2010 – SUNNYVALE, California - Sanho Corp. today announced that the award winning HyperMac range of external MacBook batteries will be updated to support 10W USB charging of the Apple iPad, effectively creating the world's first iPad external battery.

The batteries will be available in 4 different capacities, 60Wh, 100Wh, 150Wh and 222Wh, able to extend the iPad 25Wh rated internal battery by 2 to 9 times, giving a total run-time of between 34 to 99 hours.

The HyperMac external batteries give iPad users the power and flexibility to use their device for extended periods of time, away from the wall outlet - allowing for long haul flights, extended field trips, expeditions to remote locations or any situation where electricity is simply not an option. Users will also have the option to purchase cables to power all models of Apple MacBooks which these batteries are also compatible with.

HyperMac batteries use the same high-end lithium ion cells that are supplied to the U.S. military. It is rechargeable up to 1000 times and comes with a ONE-year warranty - comparing to industry standards of only 300 recharges and 3 months warranty. With a great attention to detail, HyperMac batteries' silver color aluminum housing are color matched to the iPad and MacBook. Clean lines, laser engraved logo and all-white accessories completing the Applesque look.

The HyperMac iPad external batteries are now available for pre-order at and will be shipping in 2 weeks for $169 (60-watt-hour battery), $269 (100Wh), $369 (150Wh) and $469 (222Wh).

Dimensions: 4.92 x 3.78 x 0.83" (60Wh); 7.48 x 4.92 x 0.8" (100Wh); 8.9 x 4.92 x 0.83" (150Wh); 10.1 x 5.91 x 1.34" (222Wh)
Weight: 0.8 lb (60Wh); 1.6 lbs (100Wh); 2.4 lbs (150Wh); 4.7 lbs (222Wh)
Battery: Lithium ion
4 stage LED battery level indicator lights
USB 5V/2A power out

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