Nissan opens all-electric Leaf pre-orders to the US public: $99 to reserve

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.16.10

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Nissan opens all-electric Leaf pre-orders to the US public: $99 to reserve
Nissan didn't hesitate to gloat about its ability to book 8,000 Leaf pre-orders in just nine days during a pre-pre-order for those who specifically requested early access to the automobile, and now the outfit's looking to make good on plans to have 25,000 orders in place by December. If all goes well, the all-electric car will be "widely available" in 2012, with a semi-wide release slated for next Spring. Naturally, the buzz is already fueling demand, and the automaker has today opened up a public reservation system online for those unwilling to take chances on availability come 2011. If you're interested, you can actually reserve your Leaf right now with precisely zero clothing on -- you heard right, there's no need to even visit a local dealer. Simply hand over a $99 refundable deposit and wait, but you best get your story in line before being pinged by Nissan. The Wall Street Journal has it that pre-orderers will have to "convince Nissan they are up to the task of owning an electric vehicle based on their driving patterns, living arrangements and other factors," and if you call Nunapitchuk, Alaska home, you can bet you'll be shoved to the rear of the line. But hey, we always heard it was best to pull the trigger now and ask questions later.

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