More pictures of the rumored white iPhone

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More pictures of the rumored white iPhone
Much like Captain Ahab, Taiwanese Apple fan site is in pursuit of something elusive and white. They've posted pictures of what they claim to be the 4G iPhone with white casing on the back and front. Last week, the same site posted side-by-side photos of black and white faceplates supposedly meant for the new iPhone.

I know it's a matter of aesthetics, but I prefer the iPhone with the black faceplace (speaking as a guy with a white 3GS). The photo looks legit, so we're not doubting it, though the home button looks seriously recessed. Perhaps there's a case or layer of plastic on top of it, or maybe a shadow is playing tricks.

In any case, it looks like there will be an all-white iPhone 4G. So there you go.

Update: As of this writing, is down. We'll let you know if it returns.
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