T-Mobile slide deck chats up myTouch 3G Slide's June 2 launch

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.26.10

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T-Mobile slide deck chats up myTouch 3G Slide's June 2 launch
After taking a look at this launch deck for T-Mobile's myTouch 3G Slide, it's becoming more obvious than ever that T-Mobile is taking the myTouch brand very seriously -- it's not just about a product, it's about an ongoing line of devices that all prescribe to the same socially-connected principles. In fact, with the effective loss of Sidekick to Verizon now that the ex-Danger team has thrown its weight behind Kin, you might even argue that the myTouch line is being positioned to take over where Sidekick left off, and that's evidenced when you see that they're referring to myTouch as a "franchise" throughout these slides. Follow the break for some of the highlights!%Gallery-93727%

  • The carrier's Florida region has sold the most myTouch devices to date (47,262), but when you take a look at individual markets, Kansas City East has pushed the most with 6,911.
  • The Slide is being billed as the "first phone truly designed for Family customers."
  • As with the original myTouch 3G, T-Mobile will be aggressively pushing a full suite of branded and customized accessories for the Slide. In fact, it's asking reps to shoot for three or more accessories sold "out the door" with every phone.
  • You'll see a ton of Slide advertising, both in-store and out on the town. A ton of it.
  • 4,000 T-Mobile employees are being designated as myTouch "Champions," including 2,200 in retail stores. These folks will know everything about the phone and work to "foster myTouch fanatics." Careful what you wish for, guys!
  • Long-lead press (meaning print magazines, primarily) have been clued in to the phone since way back in March. Lucky devils.
  • The official launch is June 2, but it's a rolling launch -- there won't be demo devices in the field until the 7th, for instance, and the ad campaign doesn't kick off until the 16th.
  • June 19 is designated in all caps: "STAY TUNED -- THIS WILL BE BIG." We don't know what this is all about; an upgrade to Android 2.2, perhaps? Yet another new myTouch model?
  • Overall, T-Mobile's looking for 8 percent of its sold devices (its "handset mix") to be myTouch 3G Slides. Seems reasonable.
So, what does everyone think? Is the Slide a convincing successor to the Sidekick LX? And more importantly, are you buying one?
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