EA's 'NHL Slapshot' packs Gretzky-approved Wiimote hockey stick

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Believe it or not, this isn't the first hockey stick accessory for the Wiimote -- the folks from CTA naturally have you covered there as well -- but it is the first to be bundled with a game, and garner the glowing recommendation of Wayne Gretzky himself. The game in question here is EA's forthcoming NHL Slapshot, which comes with the pint-sized hockey stick pictured above (just one, it seems) that holds both the Wiimote and nunchuck -- it also thankfully has a foam blade that should prevent any TV disasters. Just a gimmick, you say? Not according to Gretzky, who says that it's actually "very realistic" and "almost like playing in the NHL" -- yes, really. Interestingly, the game's creator also seems to have hinted at future versions for Natal and PlayStation Move, saying that the Wii version is "going to be a really good test." Look for it to be available on September 7th.
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