Nox Audio explores audiophile options with Scout mini headset, we go ears-on

When the Scout in-ear headset launches this fall, it'll actually be Nox Audio's second debut product -- the first is the Specialist we just reviewed -- but unlike that pair of supra-aural cans, these little devils may actually have quality sound. Even in the hustle and bustle of the E3 2010 floor, we were able to make out clear, nuanced audio from their balanced armature drivers, and were impressed by the build quality as well. The silicone tab attached to each phone kept them more easily affixed to the ears, and both the in-line microphone and send / end button for calls were so tiny a Nox rep had to point them out -- at first, we thought they were part of the cord. At an estimated $70, though, we'll be eager to see how they compete with Klipsch, not to mention Apple's model. %Gallery-95517%