Nintendo 3DS uses DMP's PICA200 GPU

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Nintendo 3DS uses DMP's PICA200 GPU
Instead of going with the rumored Nvidia Tegra chip to power the display in the 3DS, Nintendo has chosen a product from Digital Media Professionals. The Japanese hardware company announced last night that its PICA200 chip was selected by Nintendo as the GPU in the Nintendo 3DS.

DMP boasts that the 200MHz chip can provide 15.3 million polygons a second, 800 million pixels a second, and can perform alpha blending, full-scene antialiasing, and other features that sound like they make nice graphics. Nintendo has yet to reveal the CPU or any of the other chips behind the 3DS, but at least we're starting to get an idea what's going on in there.

After the break, check out a video made by DMP to show off the chip's abilities. Perhaps you can look at it on two monitors at once to get an idea of the 3D capabilities of the system, or wiggle your monitor back and forth.

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