Found Footage: Synergy on iOS

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Are you familiar with Synergy? It's an app that lets you share your keyboard and mouse between many computers -- and we at TUAW have been fans of the app for a very long time. We were delighted to learn over the weekend that Matthias Ringwald, otherwise known as the "King of BTstack," has built a BTstack Synergy Client. It works with Synergy to accept remote events and synthesize them on your jailbroken iPad or iPhone.

As this preliminary footage shows, you can use your Mac-based mouse to tap on your iOS screen. Keyboard support is not yet available; Ringwald says he intends to add that. When complete, this is going to be an absolutely brilliant tool for debugging.

As an aside, Sorin Sbârnea and Nick Bolton started a Synergy+ branch of Synergy last year. The plus branch provides a Synergy maintenance fork, implementing a variety of bug fixes.The original Synergy has not had source updates or releases since 2006, according to Bolton's write-up. Synergy+ implements "many significant bug fixes such as support for Windows services on Vista and Windows 7, and a brand new GUI (based on QSynergy)."
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