Hey, Lego my Droid, you remote-controlled fiend! (video)

Ross Miller
R. Miller|07.10.10

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Hey, Lego my Droid, you remote-controlled fiend! (video)
That original Motorola Droid looking long in tooth? Not sure what to do with it once you upgrade to Incredible, X, or even the progenitor's most direct descendant? Take a cue from Mike Partain, who threw in a Lego NXT Robot kit and some ingenuity to create a rather clever proof of concept. The building blocks serve as the bulk of the structure and motor skills, the phone serves as camera, GPS, and compass. The missing links between these two elements and Partain's remote controlling are three little pieces of complex software... so maybe it's not in your immediate future, but having a few dreams and vicariously living through the videos after the break should get you through the weekend, right? And if you really want to fiddle with one yourself, the source code has been provided.

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