New Apple Store coming to London's Covent Garden

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.12.10

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New Apple Store coming to London's Covent Garden
Shanghai and Paris just got new Apple stores, and now it's London's turn. A red curtain in London's Covent Garden district shows the latest location for an Apple Retail store -- rumor has it that the store will open as soon as the end of this month, and will likely be a popular destination in the tourist-busy shopping and theater district.

Apple's Regent Street store recently got recognized for making incredible amounts of money as compared to its size -- £2000 per square foot. Apple Stores, as you well know, tend to be a little bit larger than usual retail spaces, and the sales pitches are pretty low pressure, with the opportunity to just play with the products. But it works, apparently, so Apple's Covent Garden store will be the latest of 40 to 50 different store openings around the world this year.
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