iLife 2010 coming in time for back-to-school?

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iLife 2010 coming in time for back-to-school?
A reader sent us a link to an iLife '10 for Dummies book on Amazon France. The book is set for release on September 23rd, suggesting an updated iLife software release on or around that date. A Google translation of the book's description doesn't mention any new apps or features and the book's cover clearly lists the five current iLife apps.

For now we are posting this for interest's sake only. While For Dummies is one of the largest how-to publishers in the world, it's not clear if Apple would give them access to pre-release versions of iLife software in order to release a book around the same time the software is released.

iLife was last updated over 17 months ago in January 2009. For years a new iLife release was something you could count on at the beginning of the year, but with Apple abandoning Macworld future release dates seem to be up in the air. One thing that does make sense if the iLife '10 for Dummies book is real, is that Apple would start targeting an iLife update in time for back-to-school sales to give added value to those students buying a new Mac.

Thanks to reader DA360 for the find.

UPDATE: The cover and title has been pulled from Amazon France.
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