Google: Eclair is on more than half of all Android phones, Froyo bursts onto the scene

Updated ·1 min read

Android 1.5 and 1.6 are still major players in the field, together accounting for some 41 percent of all Google-powered phones in use as of July 15 -- but for the first time, Android 2.1 is on significantly more than half of the phones out there, up from an even 50 percent in mid-June. 55.5 percent of devices are running Eclair to be exact, and Froyo also makes an appearance with a little sliver of 3.3 percent -- an anemic figure obviously hampered by the fact that no one outside Google itself (on the now nearly-defunct Nexus One) has deployed the latest version yet. It's fascinating to see the change in the version mix over time get visualized like this -- now all we need is that dark green line at the very bottom to shoot upwards and obliterate everything else on the graph. Let's make it happen, guys.