Found Footage:'s iPad kickoff at D7 Consulting

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.28.10

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A little while ago, I told you that had brought their iPads out here to California in order to give them away to D7 Consulting (originally given away thanks to a post here on TUAW). They also had a video team on site, and they've produced this little video that will show you what D7 is up to and what they are planning to do with all of those iPads.

As I said in our previous post, this will be an interesting experiment. The folks at D7 Consulting are trying to figure out how they can use both the iPads and (along with a few other common apps) to benefit their business in a profitable and helpful way. This is the first of a few videos that is producing about the process. We'll also be doing some followup sessions with D7 to see how it is all working out.

The iPad has been marketed as a consumer device, and it definitely is. However, it's also a very powerful computer, and it'll be interesting to see how these folks are able to integrate it into their everyday business, both in that office and out on the construction sites. Stay tuned for more.
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