TERA releases new Screens of the Week, skill change info

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|08.01.10

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TERA releases new Screens of the Week, skill change info
We may not have much information on TERA's highly secret political system, nor do we have a ton of new gameplay details to report, but one thing we always have in abundance regarding the forthcoming action MMORPG is screenshots. Yes, En Masse has delivered the eleventh installment of their venerable Screenshots of the Week featurette, this time focusing on the Valley of Nihil. Situated on TERA's western continent, the valley is an arid wasteland of cracked plateaus and foreboding sandstone that you can view in our gallery below.

En Masse was also kind enough to drop a few tidbits regarding skill tweaks earlier this week. In a brief news release, the TERA publisher details some of the feedback received from the Focus Group Test 2 that concluded earlier this spring, as well as some new skills that resulted from the feedback. Have a look at the skill descriptions as well as the in-game icons on the game's official website.

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