InfiniTV 4 quad CableCARD tuner is shipping

After a very long and wait since the pre-orders began, we just got the official word that the long sought after quad CableCARD tuner, the InfiniTV 4, is on US shores and has cleared customs. The bad news is that the manufacturing troubles aren't completely over yet and there aren't enough to fill all the pre-orders. If you had enough insight to be the first to get your order in though, you'll be receiving yours next week. In the meantime you can get started on the installation instructions on Ceton's site by first running the Digital Cable Adviser and then running the driver installer (coming soon) while you wait. You may also want to go ahead and schedule your truck roll as this toy isn't very useful without a CableCARD, and most cable companies won't let you install the CableCARD yourself. This is certainly the best news for HTPC fans since Microsoft announced the end of the OEM PC CableCARD requirement and although $400 is not the cheapest way to get a DVR, it is one of the only ways to record four HD premium channels at once.