Pocket God comics out now for iPad, coming soon to stores

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.05.10

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Pocket God comics out now for iPad, coming soon to stores
From iPhone app ... to comic book? That's where Pocket God is apparently headed. The extremely popular iPhone app has "inked" a deal to release a set of comics based on the little islanders. The books will be available on the App Store first, in virtual form, and they will eventually take the form of paper comics. There's an iPad app available now (for 99 cents) that features the adventures of Ooga, Noobie, Klik, and friends. (Wait, they have names? Now I feel bad about tossing them into that volcano.) The physical books, which will be released in September, will have four-page stories that can't be seen anywhere else.

It's crazy to think that Apple's little software store has spawned a full-fledged franchise, and this isn't the last we'll see. TUAW has heard, off the record, that at least one other major iPhone app property is putting together a very large licensing deal, which (if it works) will bring a very popular App Store brand to more traditional media. We've seen lots of instances of major brands coming into the App Store, but some original properties on the iPhone and iPad are growing up into a life of their own.
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