Droid Incredible getting a spoonful of Froyo on August 18th?

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|08.15.10

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Droid Incredible getting a spoonful of Froyo on August 18th?
The Droid's slated for a second helping of Froyo, the Droid 2 came with one, the Droid X will see Android 2.2 by early September -- when's Droid number four getting its due? According to Mashable's anonymous sources, August 18th will be the day Verizon begins the Droid Incredible's OTA rollout -- which lines up pretty well with what we heard a couple weeks back, not to mention the fact that HTC just released the handset's Android 2.2 source code. As always, dates slip and Verizon often dishes out small batches at a time, but now you've got a ballpark estimate to assuage your troubled mind. And hey, you can always go shoot something in 720p if you get tired of waiting.

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