FMV game Road Blaster headed to iPhone

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FMV game Road Blaster headed to iPhone
iPhone developer Revolutionary Concepts, responsible for the great port of the Data East FMV game Cobra Command, as well as Karate Champ and the original Frogger-like game Banzai Rabbit, announced plans for another refreshed FMV title: Road Blaster (also known as Road Avenger).

Perhaps best known as an early Sega CD title, Road Blaster was an anime-style FMV driving game originally released to arcades in 1985. Like Cobra Command, Revolutionary Concepts has cleaned up the video footage, added a brand new UI, and tilt controls. In addition, it's got enhanced graphics for iPhone 4 and iPad, along with leaderboard and GameCenter support (presumably when GameCenter launches).

Revolutionary Concepts hopes to release Road Blaster next month. For now, check out some iPhone and iPad screens in our gallery.%Gallery-99379%
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