Code shows future iOS devices currently in testing

I don't know how much of a newsflash it really is that Apple is working on brand new versions of the iPhone and iPad, but just in case you thought that the current iterations were the last, let's set the record straight. Code in the latest iOS release shows that Apple is currently working on "unreleased hardware." The code, which bypasses the required iTunes activation, assuming that you have the right hardware, tends to show up before an iPhone revision -- in other words, while the new hardware is out, about, running the iOS system, and in testing. The code then disappears as the hardware goes off to launch.

The code does mention "iPhone 3,2," "iPhone 3,3," and "iProd 2,1," but those names don't tell us anything about the actual hardware, just that they'd be new versions, obviously. And we've seen these names before hidden in iOS documentation, so these aren't new developments -- whatever these versions are, Apple has been working on them for a while. Still, if you haven't been following along over the last few iterations of the iPhone, yes, we can tell you that we'll see new iOS devices at some point in the future. Maybe someone will even leave one sitting around a bar.