Celebrity Nerds: Justin Long jailbreaks his iPhone like a PC guy (video)

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Celebrity Nerds: Justin Long jailbreaks his iPhone like a PC guy (video)
Celebrity Nerds confirms what you always knew, deep in your heart of hearts: that stars are nerds like us. Send in your own confirmations of this fact right here.

With his contract to Apple now a thing of the past, we guess Justin Long's not the smug, overconsuming Mac archetype we'd always assumed. We've gotta give credit to a man who sticks it to his former employer by busting out of the walled garden as demonstrated by the Cydia icon's appearance on Long's iPhone during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Then again, jailbreakme made the process so easy even a hollywood actor could do it, so who knows.

Update: Video embedded after the break. Skip ahead to the 7:04 mark for the evidence.

Update 2: A theory has emerged in comments that the show's producer, not Justin, is responsible for the jailbreak. The idea is supported by the fact that Cydia and the TVOutTuner apps are sitting in what would typically be the most recently installed app positions (assuming all other screens are full), with the latter app required to mirror the iPhone's display on that big monitor.

[Thanks, Riyan and SeanL9941]

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