Kia's 'Pop' electric car concept makes our inner urbanite swoon

Kia has largely steered clear of the electric car battlegrounds, focusing instead on smaller, lower-cost options that get good enough gas mileage as-is. It ain't a bad tactic, but considering that even Rolls Royce is purportedly mulling an EV, the automaker was bound to cave to the peer pressure soon or later. During the upcoming Paris Motor Show, Kia is expected to formally introduce the oddity you see above, which is (for now) only known as the "Pop concept." The battery-powered whip will emit no emissions whatsoever, measures in at just three meters long and somehow finds enough room for three humans within. Details beyond that are scant (read: nonexistent), but you can head on over to Autoblog Green if you need a few more images to chew on.