Hyundai-Kia looking to beat Toyota in the automotive fuel cell price wars

When Toyota made clear its aim to release a hydrogen-powered fuel cell auto to the public in 2015 for $50,000, we asked the simple question of whether you'd buy that car for that much. The overwhelming answer was "heck no!" Hyundai-Kia is glad to hear it, and is taking this time to trump up its cheaper fuel cell technology. General Manager Byung Ki Ahn explains that his company's tech does not require an onboard compressor and contains less platinum in the catalysts than Toyota's, in theory meaning reduced cost and complexity. But, will that come at the expense of efficiency? Just what will Hyundai's alternative cost? And, most importantly, will its first fuel cell car look as good as good as the Genesis coupe, or will it just be the boring Borrego prototype above? These questions could be answered as soon as 2012, when the company hopes to get the first early models into the willing driveways of consumers.