Acer 'ZGA' Chrome OS netbook starts popping up in Google bug reports

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Acer 'ZGA' Chrome OS netbook starts popping up in Google bug reports
Some more interesting stuff on the Chrome OS hardware front has started to pop up courtesy of Google's own Chromium OS bug reports. Multiple references have been made to a mysterious Acer ZGA machine, which we have on good authority is also referred to generically as Google's "dogfood device" in bug reports -- dogfood referring to the practice of using your own products before you unleash them on the world. Even more interesting, someone actually managed to post a syslog of the machine, which is running an Atom N455 processor, has a 8GB SanDisk pSSD-S2 drive, sports a webcam, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth, an ambient light sensor (for screen dimming, or possibly a backlit keyboard), and a Synaptics touchpad. Synaptics makes all sorts of touchpads, but is best known for its higher-end innovations, such as the MacBook-style clickpads found in the HP Envy series. Of course, all of these specs could change, or this machine could be merely in as a test bed for Chrome OS, and not planned for market -- like Microsoft is using its ASUS prototype with Windows Phone 7 -- but a July 26th mention of a "PVT run" (Product Verification Test) could point to this machine being almost ready for actual production.

[Thanks, Mark P]
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