Live from Samsung IFA 2010 press event

The room is utterly packed at Samsung's IFA presser, and it's not hard to figure out why: Samsung typically goes wild at this show, and with the Galaxy Tab leading this year's lineup, it looks like we've got another winner on our hands. Follow along after the break!

5:55AM And that's it! Thanks for reading our liveblog of Samsung reading from press releases to a live audience.

5:53AM "More possibilities on the go" seems a much more succinct tag line for this device.

5:53AM Now it's time for the first Samsung Galaxy Tab global TV ad. Finally, a real ad!

5:52AM "For Samsung Mobile this is not just launching another product, this is about pursuing more mobile possibilities and making them real in ways our consumers can easily access and enjoy." Samsung also is building all the parts, including the display, the storage and the processor.

5:51AM Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi a/b/g/n, HSUPA 5.76 and HSDPA 7.2

5:49AM "Please note some of the functions we introduce may vary depending upon your country and service provider."

5:48AM "Very charming" friend Jean is an artist with a poor sense of direction. Google Navigation to the rescue! Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Dan is working off his latest meal while watching a movie on the Tab.

5:46AM Next up is Dan the "power blogger," who can upload to Facebook and other social networks from the 3 megapixel camera.

5:45AM Next if is "Rich," a bookworm. "Rich" loves the Readers Hub. "We expect the Galaxy Tab to play an important role in the digitalization of printed material."

5:43AM She can use the browser with Flash 10.1 to pick out a new dress without even trying it on! Back at the office she uses the Tab to video chat.

5:43AM Time for a use case: inexplicably, Michael's shop-o-holic ex-girlfriend, Sophie.

5:42AM "Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab." He got a few claps for that! He just unwrapped it on stage. It weighs 380 grams, and it's "just as thin as a smartphone." You can put it in your jacket pocket or purse.

5:40AM Why Samsung created the Galaxy Tab: high demand for portability, wide viewing display, and optimized user interface. Need a new product category, not just a tablet PC: "We call it a 'Smart Media Device'"

5:38AM "Opening a Galaxy of new opportunities..." it's the Galaxy Tab. Thomas Richter is out. He's hating on the tried and true analog planner. Oh man, this guy should work for Palm like 15 years ago.

5:35AM Time for another ad break. Looks like Galaxy is up next.

5:35AM "Georg, what are some of the biggest inconveniences in using a camcorder?" Georg has to mull this one under. "Uhh... sometimes it's the stress on my wrist when I have to hold the camera for a long time." We know where this is headed, guys. It's the HMX-T10 with that tilted lens, of course. Georg's wrist is saved!

5:33AM Keeping the pace, we're on to still cameras. The latest dual view cameras, the ST600 and ST100 -- no surprises here!

5:32AM Also on display are the 90 Series LCDs which include TV tuners with the regular PC duties.

5:31AM Next up is the ML-1865W wireless laser printer, apparently the smallest on the market.

5:30AM For best-in-class performance there's the RF series, with latest Intel procs and all the spec goodies. Both RF and SF include instant-on booting. The RF includes a matte option, the best news we've heard all day!

5:28AM He's showing off the new Samsung SF series of laptops.

5:27AM For Patrick, a smarter life equals a best of both worlds with a computer that works for both work and play and "shows who you are."

5:26AM Next up is Patrick Povel to talk IT and digital imaging.

5:25AM You really can't underestimate the value of a fake interstitial to provide your audience a break from cloying scripted dialog between execs.

5:25AM Alright, that's it for Michael Zoller, time to toss to another fake ad break!

5:23AM Announcing the Samsung Smart TV Challenge for Europe, with more than 500,000 Euros in prizes for app. Developers can sign up for the Samsung Developer Kit this month.

5:22AM Samsung Apps include Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. Second half of 2010 and beyond will include "open and rewarding" path for developers.

5:21AM "Perfect example of a Smart TV of tomorrow, except that Samsung is going to introduce such a TV... today."

5:21AM Includes a HDD for PVR, along with AllShare for streaming video between devices.

5:20AM I'm proud to introduce to you the smartest TV in the world right now, the C9000." 7.8mm thick. Best in class 2D to 3D conversion. Includes a remote with a 3-inch that acts as a "second TV" for viewing a second program, surfing channels, or watching TV in another room.

5:18AM "What's next?" fires the hard-hitting Georg. "Smart TV," responds an unflappable Michael.

5:17AM The new BD C8900 Blu-ray player will include a 500GB HDD for 3D recordings.

5:16AM Samsung is adding seven new 3D models, for a total of 25. The new LED LCD flagship is the 65-inch C8000, while a new Plasma Plus 50-inch will appear as well.

5:13AM Next year Samsung will show the first 3D HDTV terrestrial broadcast in the Netherlands.

5:12AM 9 out of 10 3D TVs sold in the first half of 2010 in Europe were Samsung.

5:12AM Almost one third of total Euros spent on TVs are spent on Samsung TVs.

5:12AM Another rehash of Samsung accomplishments, a lot of "world firsts" and "3Ds"

5:11AM Oh dear this is terrible.

5:11AM "The smarter life is built on two pillars: first it's an easier life, second it's a richer life."

5:10AM We even get a faux commercial break! Okay, now we're on to the ultra scripted talk show. Michael Zoller is up first.

5:09AM "Please enjoy our presentation: 'Creating a Smarter Life'" We've got a faux talkshow thing going on now, hosted by Georg Rotezer.

5:07AM Boo-Keun Yoon is kicking things off, talking about the past year. Samsung has sold almost 2 million 3D TVs so far, not a bad start!