Vindictus rolls out the next phase of beta testing September 15th

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.03.10

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Vindictus rolls out the next phase of beta testing September 15th
There has been no shortage of player interest in Vindictus, the upcoming action-MMO from Nexon. And it's not hard to see why -- the game been pushing forward some interesting mechanics, on top of beautiful graphics and high-energy gameplay. The first closed beta recently came to a conclusion, but there's good news for hopefuls, as the game is starting the newest round of open beta testing on September 15th.

Although the official line is that the beta is open, the development team seems to be using the term in the sense that the game isn't closed off behind an NDA. That being said, all testers from the first round of the Vindictus beta will be granted two codes to offer any friends interested in playing, and Nexon plans to distribute codes to more outlets. With the next wave of testing just under two weeks away, players should keep their eyes open -- and maybe make a few friends with former testers.
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