Ericsson's new mobile broadband modules: one for Oak Trail tablets, one supports remote kill

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.14.10

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Ericsson's new mobile broadband modules: one for Oak Trail tablets, one supports remote kill
You may not expect a company like Ericsson to be making ways at Intel's Developer Forum, but that's exactly what's going down today in the City by the Bay. First up is the second generation F3307 mobile broadband module, which was designed to bring the goodness of 3G to upcoming Oak Trail tablets. It'll come pre-certified with the planet's largest HSPA networks, and we're told that it's engineered to sip (read: not gulp) energy while regaining connections just moments after a device snaps out of sleep mode. More interesting, however, is the October-bound F5521gw, which is hailed as the world's first embedded mobile broadband module "specifically designed for notebooks and other consumer electronics to support 21Mbps HSPA Evolution networks." The real kicker, however, is that it's interoperable with Intel Anti-Theft Technology, which enables an encrypted SMS to remotely disable the host machine... even when the OS isn't running. Hit the source links for all the nitty-gritty, or hop on past the break for the highlights. %Gallery-102171%
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1st Announcement: Ericsson is launching their second generation F3307 module designed specifically for TABLETS

o Developed based on their successful experiences from the netbook segment

o Three key features:

§ Introducing new feature "Quick Connect" allowing devices to connect to internet just seconds after the resuming from sleep mode giving users a seamless experience of always being connected

§ Power consumption is reduced up to 50% in comparison to previous generations, increasing device battery life

§ Collaboration with Intel to optimize module for their new line of Oak Trail tablet processors

o Supports HPSA networks with a download speed of up to 7.2 Mbps and upload speed of up to 5.76 Mbps

o F3307 module will make 3G connected consumer electronics available to a mass market by giving manufacturers an easy option to embedding mobile broadband with a faster time to market, pre-approved networks and easy integration

o Available immediately

o Ericsson's network no longer ends at the towers but extends into devices themselves

· Increasing speeds for an information hungry world

o Ericsson is the only company with the global perspective and infrastructure expertise to provide full end-to-end mobile broadband solutions

o Nearly half of all mobile traffic across the world travels through Ericsson equipment

o With greater adoption of mobile broadband, the world is increasing demand for faster access to data and speeding up its ability to connect

o In the beginning of 2009 there were no 21 Mbps commercial mobile broadband networks launched.

o Today, there are an increasing number of HSPA Evolution (HSPA+) networks, with 63 networks operating in 35 countries with 116 more network commitments in 54 additional countries

o HSPA Evolution is the next step in the evolution of speed for widespread commercial adoption

· 2nd Announcement: Ericsson is unveiling their top-of-the-line F5521gw module, the first ever 21 Mbps mobile broadband module for notebooks

o Ericsson is the first on the market with a notebook module that supports HSPA Evolution with download speeds of 21 Mbps and upload speeds of 5.7 Mbps

o The new module gives users the fastest mobile broadband experience available in an embedded device

o Features include:

§ GPS capability enables customized location services, tracking and geo-fencing

§ Unique "Wake-on Wireless" feature allows a device to connect while in sleep mode, enabling remote wake up, subscription to content push services and updates as well as cutting-edge security features

§ Collaboration with Intel's Anti-Theft Technology enables remotely disabling a computer using encrypted SMS messages even when the operating system is not running

§ Quick connect features also included

o Available in October

o Reaffirms Ericsson's commitment to creating the best and fastest technology in the march toward an all-communicating world

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