Release of Apple's 27" LED Cinema Display appears to be imminent

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If you're holding out for Apple's new 27" LED Cinema Display, the wait might not be all that much longer. Back in July, the 27" model was announced with a September release date. Being that it's mid September, folks have been getting a little anxious with no sign of the new model, until now.

is reporting that a few days ago, on the customization page for Mac Pro orders placed on Apple's online store, the 27" display was being advertised for purchase on an updated description, although the 24" and 30" models were only available for selection. As it stands now, that description has been removed, but with reports of 24" and 30" Cinema Display stock beginning to dwindle, it's clear that some preparation for the release of the 27" display is underway.

Apple's official display page still lists the 27" Cinema Display as "Coming September." For all you 27" Cinema Display loving people, you'll have to hold on and place some faith in Apple's word.

[Via MacRumors]
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