Dedicated salvage ship coming in next EVE Online expansion

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Dedicated salvage ship coming in next EVE Online expansion
Over the summer, CCP gave away a limited edition ship in EVE Online called the Primae. Every player received this free hauler designed specifically for planetary interaction. Although the ship itself was worse for hauling than a standard industrial, players fell in love with the model and began asking CCP to reuse it in a more useful ship. In a new devblog, CCP Greyscale has delivered on those wishes with the announcement of the Noctis.

Aimed squarely at PvE players, the Noctis is a dedicated salvage ship with the same stunning model as the Primae. In addition to an impressive eight high slots for use with tractor beams and salvagers, the ship also has an hefty bonus to the range and speed of tractor beams. At level 5 of the ship's skill, it will be able to pull in wrecks from up to 80km away, making it a great stationary salvaging platform. The blueprint and skill will be released with EVE's next expansion to coincide with the new group PvE "incursions". For more details, check out CCP Greyscale's latest devblog.
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