Sony reveals 'color variation concept' models of NEX-5 and NEX-3 (eyes-on)

In typical Sony Style, the outfit's booth was comically large at this year's Photokina. Not that we're complaining or anything, particularly when it's using the show to demonstrate an eight-pack of colorful new mirrorless concepts. Tucked away in the NEX corner were four NEX-3 and four NEX-5 cameras, all doused in colors that aren't available anywhere at the moment. We're guessing that Sony's doing its best to beat Colorware to the punch here, and a kind booth representative noted that these were simply "ideas" and that the company wasn't yet committed to making any of them. If you're accepting opinions, Sony, the whole red-black-silver thing is getting a bit tired, so why not throw out a few more options for the style-conscious among us? We'll take two -- an orange and a white. Dankeschön.%Gallery-102894%