HTC CEO: 'initially, we don't have time' to put Sense on Windows Phone 7

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|09.24.10

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HTC CEO: 'initially, we don't have time' to put Sense on Windows Phone 7
We think there might be a miscommunication or a disagreement in semantics here, because HTC CEO Peter Chou has mentioned in an interview with FierceWireless that its ubiquitous Sense UX won't "initially" appear on its first crop of Windows Phone 7 devices, but that "over time [they] will innovate on top of that to provide some HTC experience." That seems like odd phrasing considering that we've already seen HTC devices in the wild running bits and pieces of Sense on WP7, so we tend to believe Chou might have a more thorough, comprehensive experience in mind -- something that Microsoft is pushing back on (for now, anyway) by demanding that UI innovation be sandboxed in some pretty significant ways.

In the same conversation, Chou mentioned that they'll be releasing an LTE phone in 2011, though he didn't give any details on design, platform, or carrier. MetroPCS, AT&T, and Verizon will all have fragments of their 4G networks live in 2011, and at least two of those three seem likely candidates to take delivery of some early LTE hardware from the big boys like HTC. For what it's worth, HTC already delivered the first WiMAX phone in the States -- the EVO 4G, of course -- so it comes as little surprise that they'd be looking to make a splash with LTE as well.
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