Obama, Palin, others playable in NBA Jam

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Obama, Palin, others playable in NBA Jam
What, you expected any less? Yes, of course various political and cultural icons will be showing up in EA's just released reboot to NBA Jam. ESPN revealed as much in a recent interview with the game's creative director, Trey Smith, who said not only is former President Bill Clinton a playable character, but also the Beastie Boys, President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former VP Al Gore.

A team of republicans is helmed by Miss Wasilla 1984 herself, Sarah Palin, with former President George W. Bush, former VP Dick Cheney and Arizona Senator John McCain backing her up. "Secret characters were on the list from day one," Smith said, adding "these secret characters and the element of surprise is something we hung our hats on very early." EA wouldn't reveal how said characters are accessed, but considering the game was released today for Nintendo Wii (with 360 and PS3 versions coming "in time for the holidays"), we'd suggest you start pounding away at buttons on that character selection screen right now.
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