Samsung i8700 put through 13-minute video exposé

You know how those Korean electronics makers are. One does something -- such as a Windows Phone 7 leak -- and the other has to go and try to match or better the feat. Samsung has today easily outdone LG, whose Optimus 7 only revealed some press pics, with a thorough video exposition of its i8700 WP7 handset. We're hearing references to this phone being called the Omnia 7, which makes sense, but is at present not something we've been able to verify. So what might you enjoy in this video treat? It's mostly a jog through now familiar territory, though we do get to witness the phone taking a picture -- the camera software and performance are two of the less well known aspects of WP7 handsets. There's also what looks like a custom Samsung hub, which includes weather and stock price updates, all of which is topped off with that signature WP7 responsiveness and ridiculously deep blacks that we've grown used to with recent Samsung handsets. Video after the break.