SWTOR's Ilum a crystal-clear win for the Sith

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|10.08.10

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SWTOR's Ilum a crystal-clear win for the Sith
While Hoth may take the spotlight whenever someone wants to interview a winter-bound planet in the Star Wars universe, the scrappy planet of Ilum is out to make a name for itself. Star Wars: The Old Republic's 16th announced planet is a remote ball of ice that just so happens to be a major source of lightsaber crystals. Ilum used to be owned by the Republic, but the Sith have since made great headway in conquering the planet and hogging all of those saber-licious crystals all to themselves. BioWare's also hinted at a mystery that goes well beyond a mere resource grab.

Although we hate to invoke Hoth in comparison, if you liked the Rebel's base in The Empire Strikes Back, then you're going to feel right at home in Ilum's ice-and-crystal outposts. You can read up on Ilum at TOR's Holonet, and watch the quick flyby video after the jump.
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