'Mayhem' rated for multiple platforms by ESRB

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'Mayhem' rated for multiple platforms by ESRB
Have things been too sane for you lately? Perhaps a touch of mayhem would spice things up? It appears that Evolved Games, developers of Raven Squad, has you covered, with the ESRB revealing an unannounced game from the development house, titled -- yep, you guessed it -- "Mayhem." The listing pegs Mayhem as heading to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, and describes it as a "racing game in which players compete in various demolition derby-style events to earn 'mayhem' points and unlock new levels."

Outside of the destruction derby action, the listing hints at the game's visual style, saying "comic book-style captions" appear to highlight dramatic crashes. It also appears that this game could be digital, as Evolved Games is listed as both the developer and publisher by the Australian Ratings Board -- unless, of course, the studio has suddenly found itself flush with extra cash to publish a console game. Yeah, we're betting on the former too.
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