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TweetDeck CEO: Developing for Android "not a nightmare"

Steve Sande
Steve Sande|@stevensande|October 19, 2010 2:00 PM

During yesterday's classic tirade by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during the 4Q Earnings Call, there was a rant about the fragmentation of the Android OS that included a reference to "TwitterDeck's" (actually TweetDeck's) recent chart showing how many hardware platforms they must contend with during development. By implication, Jobs was making the Android development world seem like a nightmare.

TweetDeck's CEO Iain Dodsworth responded in a series of tweets after the call, saying "Did we at any point say it was a nightmare developing on Android? Errrr nope, no we didn't. It wasn't." That wasn't the only time Dodsworth called out Jobs on his assertion that Android development is difficult because of the vast variety of OS / hardware combinations available. He later responded to another tweet by saying "We have only 2 guys developing on Android TweetDeck so that shows how small an issue fragmentation is."

Here at TUAW, we're taking bets on who will be the third executive to step up and respond to the Jobs rant. Anybody putting money on Steve Ballmer? Not that Microsoft was even called out in the rant; he just seems to enjoy yelling.