Epson shoves a Core i7 processor in a chunky nettop, will build it to your specification

Tiny desktops? Good. Wimpy processors? Bad. Epson's Endeavor ST150E? Possibly the best of both worlds. Sure, it's bigger than your average nettop, about twice as tall, but for that extra girth you get a selection of Intel processors ranging from a Celeron P4600 all the way up to a Core i7-640M. It also sports a DVD-R/W drive, up to 8GB of RAM, 640GB on platters or a 64GB SSD, mountability behind an LCD, and power consumption as low as 16 watts -- though we're guessing that's with the Celeron. Indeed you can get this built however you want, with a starting price at 64,890 yen, or just under $800. But, get liberal with the options and you could be looking at a rather less frugal 190,000 yen. That's about $2,300, and an awful, awful lot for a little machine.