Eking's S700 E-notepad launches 'the era of color digital reading' with a stylus... and a dream (update)

The kids at Eking don't always take due credit for their handiwork (they're usually busy manufacturing devices that get badged by companies like Viliv) but this time around they seem pretty proud of their S700 E-notepad. "A notepad," the company states in its PR, "means 'a memorandum' in English. With the prefix E, e-notepad means electron memorandum, abbreviated as electron book. It's concise and easy to understand and can be accepted by consumers." You get all that? It sports a color 7-inch display with both resistive touch input and an electromagnetic stylus (just like your old Wacom tablet), integrated 3G, fingerprint scanner, three megapixel camera, and a plastic case that looks similar to the one that came with our old Day Runner knock-off. And it's apparently a color display, because "multi-purpose colored electronic notepads will certainly replace the black and white E-books of simple features. It's a trend the same as that of the color TV sets replacing the black and white ones." Took the words right out of our mouth, Shenzhen PR guy! Not entirely sure on a price or release date for this one, but you'll know as soon as we do. Promise.

Update: Our old friend (and enthusiastic contributor) snoop_snoop dug one up on for 4,000 Yuan (something like $600). Who's going to be the first one to throw down their credit card?

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The World's First E-notepad, EKING S700 is Born in China

BEIJING, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The world's first e-notepad which is mainly designed for mobile officing, has been successfully developed in China and will be on the market soon. This world's first e-notepad, named EKING S700, was developed and launched by China Shenzhen Guangxuntong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. ("Guangxuntong"). The EKING S700 is the world's first e-notepad with dual-mode input technologies of resistance touch control and electromagnetic induction touch control with built-in 3G function.

Innovative E-notepad

The E-notepad is an innovative product. At present the market is flooded with various Pads. Besides the iPad, there's APad, EPad, GPad and XPad, among others. All these Pads have a common ground as factory private brands, but not as any public category.

Different to the various Pads mentioned above, e-notepad is a new public category, but not a private brand. The concept of e-notepad is proposed by Guangxuntong. A notepad means "a memorandum" in English. With the prefix E, e-notepad means electron memorandum, abbreviated as electron book. It's concise and easy to understand and can be accepted by consumers. Besides, e-notepad has lots of differences with the aforementioned "Pad" in technology and applications.

A Professional Assistant for Mobile Officing

The EKING S700 has a similar appearance as a paper notebook, but it has a 7-inch screen and built-in 3G and Wifi functions. It is convenient for people to carry and use because it is thin and lightweight.

The EKING e-notepad is mainly designed for mobile officing; it is able to help people work more efficiently. It has various functions such as wireless internet surfing, handling e-mails, mobile OA, meeting minutes, original handwritten signatures, long-distance documentary approval, handwritten mails, scanning and managing name cards, editing documents, stock trading, GPS Navigation, reading e-books, magazines, newspapers and others. Furthermore, its video display, music player, games, instant messages and other entertainment functions allow people to relax after intense work.

Guangxuntong spent more than two years to research and develop its proprietary handwriting technology. Older handwriting technology requires transforming information into standard font to save. The input speed for this method is slow. Guangxuntong's original handwriting technology can record writers' calligraphy completely, support original handwritings and original handwriting storage, and it can help people to write smoothly and record in their original handwriting style. The EKING e-notepad unifies original handwriting technology, computer technology and wireless Internet technology; it has widespread applications in mobile officing fields, including meeting minutes, original handwriting signature, outdoor officing, long-distance document approval, hand-written mails, free hand sketches and so on.

To protect political and business secrets, Guangxuntong's e-notepad has adopted dual advanced security methods. First, the EKING e-notepad has an advanced fingerprint recognition system, preventing others from peeping or guessing passwords to open e-notepad without authorization. Second, it uses a military-grade safety and privacy system in the interior, preventing hackers' and virus' invasions, preventing important documents from being stolen, distorted or destroyed and guarding user information's confidentiality, integrity and usability.

The EKING E-notebook has an advanced function of recognizing and managing business cards. Business people can completely abandon the traditional time-consuming way of searching for name cards from now on because of this advanced function. The EKING e-notepad has a 3-megapixel automatic focusing camera which can promptly distinguish and collect name card information, as well as massively memorize and manage data by category. What is more advanced, the EKING e-notepad can select the right name card needed from hundreds or thousands of name cards.

Starting An Era of Colored Digital Reading

The EKING S700 is the World's first colored e-notepad. The colored digital reading era is coming.

It is known that E-books on the market can only display black and white images at present, that they can generally support only 8 gray scales displaying, and even the newest one can support just 16 gray scales. Typefaces are not very clear, and pictures are particularly fuzzy and distorted. All of this lessens the reading experience. In addition, even if color problems can be solved in the future, simple functions still have unavoidable severe problems.

The EKING S700 is not only colorful, but also powerful. The EKING e-notebook has been built with many legal colored books. An online bookstore provides thousands of hot books for downloading. Users may also access the website to read daily newspapers and the latest magazines. The EKING e-notepad displays magazines with the same effect as paper printing does. It can maintain works as they originally are and can ensure a better reading experience. It can be foreseen that multi-purpose colored electronic notepads will certainly replace the black and white E-books of simple features. It's a trend the same as that of the color TV sets replacing the black and white ones.


The brand, EKING, which is owned by Shenzhen Guangxuntong Communication Technology Co., Ltd., is the most famous brand of Mobile Internet Devices in China. Guangxuntong is one of the most professional high-tech enterprises specializing in Mobile Internet Device with development, production and marketing service. They have successfully launched the E-KING series MID products and achieved a very good market response. In 2010, they launched an eco-friendly, secure, practical and innovative product, the EKING e-notepad, which supplies people with mobile officing and entertainment at anytime and anywhere.

If you would like to learn more about EKING, please visit their official website:

SOURCE Guangxuntong Communication Technology Co., Ltd.