EVO 4G HDMI dock finally shows up at Sprint stores, will come home with you for $40

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|11.02.10

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It's been five long months since we last heard about the HTC EVO 4G's HDMI dock, but it now looks to have finally made its way out to Sprint stores. Good and EVO managed to pick one up for $39.99 from their local purveyor of Now Network products and they've had a little hands-on action with the peripheral. Noteworthy notes include an extremely glossy finish on the docking station along with a predictable incompatibility with any cases or extended batteries that expand the bottom portion of the EVO's case. A six-foot HDMI cable is bundled in the box, so all you really need to do is dust off that credit card and go be the best consumer that you can be.
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