Getting around in Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.09.10

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Getting around in Final Fantasy XIV
In addition to the blogging and character database functionality of the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone site, Square-Enix has been using the player site to post a series of guides for players of all skill levels, with more advanced questions on Friday and more new-player-friendly ones on Mondays. This time around, the topic of discussion is something central to every MMO -- the question of how to get from place to place. While players do not yet have access to the more traditional series methods of transit (airships and chocobos), there are still transport methods available to players, and a lot of ground to cover at that.

The guide covers the basics of aetheryte and aetherial gates, with the former linked to the latter and allowing fast transit through a given area. It also runs players through the procedure of visiting all three capital cities -- a useful method to gain access to more levequests and a greater variety of guild benefits. Players who know their way around seamlessly might not need to know how to get to Ul'dah, but anyone new to the game can benefit from the latest dispatch. And even veteran players might be enticed by the maps of Final Fantasy XIV's less-traveled regions, like the forbidding Mor Dhona.
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