Look inside PlayStation's New York City store

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Look inside PlayStation's New York City store
The PlayStation Store is now open in Midtown Manhattan, in the lower level of the Sony Style store. We stopped by to check out what it has to offer.

The retail store is dimly lit, furnished with a lot of chrome and metal. It's a far "sexier" approach than the Nintendo World Store, located only a few blocks away. The store feels rather barren right now, perhaps due to the large emphasis on the PlayStation Move motion controller. (You need ample space to properly demo that tech!)

While the Store doesn't offer much to see, it's still a worthwhile visit for PlayStation fans in New York. Surprisingly, most of the kiosks are devoted to unreleased games, with an entire room dedicated to Gran Turismo 5. The biggest attraction, however, seemed to be Killzone 3 running on a 3DTV.

For more shots of the newly opened store, check out our gallery.
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